Since 2003, when I first put my hands on Olympus Camedia camera I did not even dream of what the trip it would be. Ups, downs, changes of style, changes of understanding photography, lot of bad moves and sometimes good ones. One thing never changed… Olympus. At first I was curious, after that I was attracted by good people from Olympus who were always ready to help, and now with the quality of equipment that never betrayed me. My style is documentary/journal, but also I like to wander through surreal and the abstract photography world. I like to shoot concerts, performances, weddings, landscapes and cityscapes. All where I do not have to influence the scene in front of me. I like moments and spontaneous events. Just like most photographers, my photography path started with landscape shots, but a set of circumstances caused it to broaden into more paths. I am convinced that a photographer should stick to one theme and develop within it, but with me it wasn’t like that. Traveling through the universe of photography, I discovered low-light photography. I was already familiar with it through concert photography, and I wasn’t fond of working with additional light sources such as a flash. I like to simplify things even in photography. I work with the light that is present there and then, I try to make the most of it. The reason behind this is simple: nothing can replace the ambient light that is present at that moment. In the end we all look for a story in the photo, so my motto goes: “light +moment = story.” When I transferred to Olympus OM-D, everything I talked about became faster, easier, and sharper, plus there was way more quality.